$45 60 minute massages available for High School and College Athletes
30 min—$30
60 min—$60
75 min—$75
90 min–$90
120 min–$120


* Please arrive 15 min prior to appointment to complete paperwork. Rehabilitation and sports massages may require initial examination before treatments

Sports Massage

This style is ideal for athletes of any sport, weightlifters, MMA, runners, or anyone looking to recover from a previous sports injury. This modality uses stretches, trigger point therapy and deep tissue techniques to help achieve optimal function and movement, increase performance and reduce recovery time.


Rehabilitation Massage

This massage is not your typical full body massage. It focuses on the treatment of injuries/previous injuries resulting from work, sports, accidents, etc. This massage works on any muscles that may be the source of pain, tension, or dysfunction that you are experiencing and uses trigger point therapy, deep tissue, positional release and myofascial release techniques.


Deep Tissue Massage

This massage features techniques that are used for accessing deeper layers of muscle tissue. This style is recommended for clients with chronic aches and pains, stiff neck and upper back muscles, low back pain, and lower extremity tension. Clients should be aware that this technique often causes soreness the day following the massage.

Swedish Massage

This style is best for those seeking overall relaxation and tension release. This style uses longer gliding movements to the body helping to increase blood circulation.

Cupping Therapy

The use of suction from cups to improve blood flow, reduce adhesion, and myofascial restriction.

30 min-$30

60 min-$50

90 min-$65

Membership Prices

One Payment of $60 gets you discounted massages for a year
30 minute – $20

60 minute – $45

75 minute-$60

90 minute – $70

120 minute – $1005