Excuses AKA Goal Killers

Let’s talk about EXCUSES. In the fitness world you deal with a plethora of excuses but some of the most common are “not enough time” too busy with work” “have to spend time with the kids” “money is tight” “too tired” “too stressed”. That’s all fine and dandy but what happens when the lack of exercising catches up to you? What happens you start to have health related issues? What happens when you start to have non stop muscle aches and pains and the headaches become an everyday thing? What happens when the Dr tells you some news you didn’t want to hear? This is what will likely happen: You’ll end up spending money on Dr visits, medication, and in worst cases surgery that was needed because the damage was irreversible. Will that lower or increase your stress? You’ll scramble from Dr to Dr to physical and massage therapist, to chiropractor to different gyms to different trainers to find a quick solution, only to realize there is no quick solution. It’ll take TIME, the thing you said you didn’t have enough of to begin with, BUT you’ll manage to find it because things took a turn for the worse…So essentially, you’ll end up spending more money than you would have had you began exercising years ago.
You’ll always be busy, you’ll always have stuff going on in your life. That is a null excuse. People make time for what they think is important but unfortunately for most, they don’t see their health as important until something bad happens or reality hits. Which may be too late by then.
Don’t use your kids as a reason why you can’t exercise or take care of yourself regularly, use them as a reason why you should. They need you. Mentally and physically. Too many of us have lost loved ones due to health related illnesses, some of which may have been prevented if they only took better care of themselves. Ask yourself if you encouraged them to get healthier. If not, why didn’t you? Do you have a spouse or a significant other that you hold accountable for getting or staying healthy? You should care about their health just as much as they do.
Is anyone their best version of themselves when they are loaded with stress or depression? If exercise is proven to reduce both, why neglect it? Be selfish with your health. Make time for you. If you have 15 minutes of free time a day, you have enough time for exercise. Instead of spending an extra 10 minutes on the toilet looking at IG of FB, spend that time stretching or walking, smellin funky and everything. Exercise during commercials, try holding planks the duration of commercial breaks, hit some squats. If you work all week and do nothing but work eat and sleep then repeat, use the weekends. Just get started. Eliminate the excuses or someday they may eliminate you! (Was that a good line? I just thought of it)

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