Back Pain Solution– Personal Trials

BEST THING about being a massage therapist and personal trainer, more specifically an orthopedic exercise and functional training specialist, is that I can put myself through trials. The most recent trial was for Low back pain. YES I had low back pain. While performing massages I do not have the best body mechanics, which can […]

Excuses AKA Goal Killers

Let’s talk about EXCUSES. In the fitness world you deal with a plethora of excuses but some of the most common are “not enough time” too busy with work” “have to spend time with the kids” “money is tight” “too tired” “too stressed”. That’s all fine and dandy but what happens when the lack of […]

Adductor involvement w/ Back Pain

CRAZIEST thing I heard last week was when a client came in with two knee replacements and has been receiving massages frequently ever since the replacements and has NEVER had these muscles worked on! First of all if you have any hip, knee, ankle or low back issues and you have never had these muscles […]

Numbness and tingling down the arm, and the likely culprit

A very very common area clients have tension or trigger points they had NO idea existed is on top of the shoulder blade, or the muscle known as the infraspinatus.  The infraspinatus is part of the rotator cuff muscle group and it’s one people don’t really feel when it’s being used. Functions of this muscle […]