These stretches and self release techniques are for the back, glutes and hips. Tension in any of these muscle groups can result in postural distortion, chronic pain, and muscle imbalance. Remember to hold each stretch for 45-60 seconds. Hold the foam roller on any tender or painful spot until the tenderness or pain subsides.


Glute tension release. Place the glute you are intending to release on the foam roller and cross the leg on that same side over your opposite leg and use your opposite leg to rock you back and forth over the foam roller


A med ball or similar can be used in place of a foam roller. Simply just sit one glute on the ball and roll around releasing tension


Glute-Hip Stretch–If able, bend and cross your leg above your opposite leg. Lean to the side of the bent leg for more of a stretch. Keep your back and neck neutral during the stretch


Low Back and Hamstring Stretch–Keeping your legs straight, slowly reach down and try to touch your toes. Do not bounce while doing this stretch. Hold this stretch for 45-60 seconds


QL-Low back stretch– Slowly bend, keeping your legs straight. Take one arm and reach across your your ankle and grab the back of your calf, take the other arm and grab the same ankle as low as you can. Use both arms to pull your shoulder towards your foot while rotating your spine inward. You should feel a stretch on the side of your low back


Lats-Shoulder stretch-Simply place your hands on a bench, bed, or chair and force your chest towards the floor. You should feel this stretch along the side of your back and up along your armpit.


While seated with legs apart, slowly reach forward with both arms. You should feel a stretch in the back of both thighs and possibly the mid to lower back.


Pointing your foot outward while seated with legs apart, slowly reach with both arms to that foot. You should feel a stretch in the back of your thigh (outer) and along the side of your low back.